video | Black Thorn Gallery

Brian put together a short film and a 30 second for-TV ad for Black Thorn Gallery.

We created:

- On-Location Videography
- 30 Second Commercial
- A 3 minute short film, visually exploring the artists at work in their studio space; a quiet observation of the art of tattoo crafting,

Filmed & edited by Brian Roy
Music by Kevin MacLeod

The 3 minute Film:

The 30 second for-TV spot:

Black Thorn Gallery — an excellent group of tattoo artists located in Mechanicsburg, PA — was looking for a specific type of video — one without excessive narration, or that typical “local commercial” feel. They’re a classy establishment, with a full appreciation for something artistic and different than the norm.

And, as you can imagine, I was psyched…  this is exactly the type of thing Cinemoxie specializes in.

Their studio was the perfect set, and when editing, I looked to tell a very aesthetic visual story, with little text, no “fan-fare”, footage that felt textured and intimate, and a super clean styling with the titles. I considered making the entire thing black and white, but the colors in the studio were so awesome, who could resist? The pacing for both segments is slow and deliberate — they feel a little dreamy, purposefully understated, simple and non-intrusive. The type of advertisement that oozes with identity and positive branding. The ad says, without saying anything, “We’re an awesome local company. We value art and quality, and you will not be disappointed with out services.” Fans of indie films and art in general (l dare say, that’s their ideal demographic) will enjoy the full version (as it is indeed a short film) and appreciate the 30 second aired version in contrast to the loud and manic nature of most commercials (especially local car commercials).

The 30 second spot will be airing during commercial breaks on a TV near you, and the full length will be used for online promotions.

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