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projects | c5 | Prints via Fotomoto

Of all the updates in C5 that I find the most exciting, the new ability to print, share, or download every single picture on our website is certainly very cool.

The service I’m going with is called Fotomoto, created by Ahmad Kiarostami and Nasser Manesh. It’s currently getting quite alot of buzz, as it’s relatively brand new, and still in its beta-form. I hope there isn’t much they change between now and its final format (expect, perhaps, the ability to add our logo somewhere on its widget and printed material.)

I bought a postcard myself, just to test it out. I have to say, I’m impressed by the quality.

Sell Images and Print on Demand Products on Your Own Site |

projects | c5 | social media

Social Media. Man, that’s a boring term. Like, Ice Cream Social. Just sounds so… tame. Now, media rave party! Phew! That sounds exciting!

Well, whatever you want to call it, we’re embracing it. So, I’ve been looking into it, and there’s a definite ‘clique’ of cool kids in the social media world. Obviously Facebook and Twitter are the power couple, and the rest have unique roles, in terms of making the internet more sharable, connected, categorized, and easier to market.

In my estimation, this highly revisable list is the ‘who’s who’ of social media sites. This doesn’t include Google and Yahoo! on their own (though, Flickr is owned by Yahoo and Youtube by Google, so indirectly, they are. Though )

-Stumble Upon

Now, all this target marketing isn’t bad, I feel. Think about it. When does advertising bug you? When its trying to sell you something you aren’t interested in. The idea–theory, that is— behind these social mediums is to target marketing material to specifically who would actually want it. I’d go so far as to say it’s more precise than, oh, every single other marketing outlet.

(EXCEPT, that is, networking. In person, I mean. Social media works because that network of ‘who you know’ is tapped into, in spirit. But the effect is still no where near as potent as actually going to mixers, events, mingling with people.)

Might I point to this classic comic by xkcd.

Online Communities -

Online Communities -

Of course, this was relevant when the xkcd guy made it, and the world’s evolved since then. (UPDATE: xkcd made a new version of this map. I mean, does anyone even remember Myspace at this point? Myspace was the ‘interneanderthal’ that evolved into the social media enviroment that’s alive today.

I do need to emphasize today, given how quickly all this evolves and changes.  So, it might be entirely different in the future. Future, as in, a month from now. Who’s to say?

Anyway, point is, we’re integrating. You’ll be able to share every picture on facebook, twitter, digg, share, comment, and so on. Our goal is to make our website as interactive, diverse and integrated with you as is possible.

web | project |

Top Ten Wings – Web Project

We created the layout and logo for TOPTENWINGS. The concept for the site is that it’ll work like Yelp, but be purely focus on chicken wings — it’ll list places that serve them, and ratings of the wings based on user reviews.

This is currently under development, but you can see the splash page here.

cinemoxie5 copy

projects | c5 | Web Face Lift

Cinemoxie 5.0 is on the way. Currently, the website is at 4.564ish.  I’ve lost count on the sub-versions. Ok. So, I never kept count. But the overall update is coming soon. The differences?

The update will include:

-New Front Page. Basically, it’ll be awesome to gaze upon, direct you to where ever you wanted to in the first place, maybe suggest somewhere to go if you weren’t sure where that was, and all the other things front pages ought to do.
-Contributing Artist’s Page will explain the program, benefits, contact options, CA pages, and so on.
-cTalent page – this will contain pricing, packages, past model pages, and so on.
-cCorporate Creative, including a finalized layout, entirely new logo, list of services, portfolio, and such.
-Da Biz website – basically, just a perpetual flashshow of our works in either fashion, band or editorial categories. Because that’s what you’re there to see, anyway.
-About Us – if you wondered what the heck was going on, what we’re about and all that, this is where you’ll find your answer!
-cEvents – event coverage, a list of past events, and what we do.

Basically, it’ll finish everything that isn’t finished yet, and improve the things that are there now. Expect awesome, no less.

Past website’s timeline-

1.0 – crappy starter template website
2.0 – messy Frontpage website
3.0 – improved Frontpage website
4.0 – the current website
5.0 – what’s coming soon, and totally amazing.

projects | c5 | Film Website Update

Our film website, which has been a boring splash page for months, is finally updated! At long last, it contains something!

And it ought to. We’re a film company, foremost. Second, a professional production company of video, photos and website products, and third, an agent of the arts, involving local artists and enhancing the profile of the local art scene to a level recognized by high-end, international clients and interests; the ultimate goal being, of course, a connected global community of artists interested in creating world-changing films, brilliant photographs, and meaningful art of all kinds for all people.

So, in a way, todays update effects the future of mankind. In another way, it’s just the start of putting content on our film website.

New companies often stumble around in limbo, looking for a soul. We definitely did that for a bit, but I feel we’re finally gaining ground. Plenty of new clients, seeking web solutions and photography (they almost feel synonymous these days), and an influx of promising new artists. I think we’ll be producing some fantastic new stuff before long.

While the new film page is largely dominated by the newest short film, INT-HANGAR-NIGHT, plenty of new updates will be added. We’ve got dozens of old films and new projects that need the exposure and base of operations to get off the ground. I expect the NOT POLITE TONIGHT project to get launched into full-swing shortly. Personally, I’m really psyched for it. The Divine Comedy, in film form, by dozens of brilliant filmmakers, interpreted into the setting  of our modern world. The world ends, all rules disappear, and anything anyone would ever want to say about our society today becomes available. Oh man. More on this later.

Oh, and Fourth Fall, which has been in pre-production for the past year, ought to be getting a renewed attempt. I really liked this project, so I put it on the back-burner, while our professional products got off the ground, and we had some rolling capital to finance the thing. I expect this to come into fruition sometime soon.

Anyway, why are you still reading this? Go check it out!