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film | wedding | Heather + Billy

We were hired to film the wedding of Heather + Billy.

The wedding went very splendidly, of course, but one of the most awesome aspects for us was the chance to use their wedsite to show the entire wedding film via the internet to their family abroad, in Lebanon.

The event was shot and edited by Brian.

We created

- Wedding Film
- Wedding Preview
- Logo
- Wedsite, with the entire film upload.

film & photo | Purgate Perfection

Purgate Perfection.

NOTE: This film is a tad slow at times, but due to the nature of the medium (still pictures), it can’t be helped. You’re SUPPOSED to watch it in a pensive, patient mood.

What’s going on:

Part 1 – At a night-time cafe, Mrs. Limbo is meeting with her lover.

Part 2 – Mrs. Limbo is home, and is surprised by a visit from her lover when Limbo is still home. Mr. Limbo, as a result, murders them both.

Part 3 – Mr. Limbo goes to work the next day, and is subsequently fired. He contemplates his life while smoking outside.

As Mr. Limbo sits, contemplating, the world ends* and the Guitarist (who has up until now been a vague outsider to the story, representing the embodied narrator or a Greek chorus) materializes as the spirit of revenge and attacks Limbo.

Part 4 – The Guitarist enter’s Limbo’s office, and kills the boss (as she is the spirit of blind revenge, and not justice). Limbo, meanwhile, recovers, and returns the attack with the closest available weapon — a broom. He completely fails, and is beaten down a second time. The Guitarist, with her guitar now broken, strums Limbo’s broom as though it were a guitar, while the world around them continues to end.

That’s it.

*Back Story:

This isn’t exactly a film— it uses all pictures. However, it isn’t an animation, per se. The term I use is “Stillfilm.”

It’s a small part of a larger project: a film called Not Polite Tonight, which is basically a modernization of Dante’s Divine Comedy, set at the end of the world, with a lot of postmodern images from advertising and consumerism.

When I say “the end of the world,” I don’t mean something obvious or overt, like an apocalyptic astroid fire-and-brimstone type thing, but something completely more subtle, where everyone slowly stops caring and goes insane. As apathy increases, logic dematerializes, and so too does every tangible element of the ‘real’ world.

This film, or whatever I’m calling it, is the first in a series of similar things. There’s at least one other Stillfilm that takes its cues from the Not Polite Tonight universe that I’m putting together into something to upload and show off, along with an upcoming film that is currently in production (it’s seperate from the actual Not Polite Tonight film).

Anyway, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think!